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The customer-specified polygonal tent has been completed. The DC tent factory is preparing for the show and shooting of the polygonal tents before exported. Why do customers choose our polygonal tents? There are the answers.

Polygon tent shooting


This large aluminum frame structure polygonal tent produced by the DuoCai tent factory can satisfy most of customers' daily outdoor storage, wedding party, sunscreen parking space, outdoor meeting room and so on.

The structure of the polygonal tent: All the polygonal tents of our company will provide pictures for customers' reference when inquire. We can make a single polygonal tent or a combination of multiple polygonal tents. The top of polygonal tents are generally made of PVC fabric. The PVC cloth can be selected around the tent, or it can be reinforced around the aluminum frame, such as an ABS wall or a glass door.

Selection of polygonal tents materal: The top material of our company's polygonal tents is made of high-quality PVC. High-quality transparent or white fabrics can be used according to customer needs. Tent brackets Our company uses industry-standard high-quality aluminum (6061/T6), the material of the direct contact between the polygonal tent and the ground: hot-dip galvanized steel (the advantage is good hardness).

Our company has experienced more than 20 years of tent produce and manufacturing, and has rich experience in manufacturing outdoor tents. In order to meet the domestic and international market demand, our company has several manufacturing bases in Guangdong. We take every customer seriously and meet the needs of each customer. Because we firmly believe in: today's quality, tomorrow's market.

Combined polygon tent

Exported polygonal tent

Structural and use of polygonal tents

Polygon tent shooting

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