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Large peach frame sports field

Large peach frame sports field


  • Q: What size tent is necessary for your special event?

    A: A person must first determine tent usage. If a tent is being used for dining purposes and round tables are being used allow 10-12 square feet per person. If banquet style tables are being used allow 8-10 square feet per person.If the purpose is for cocktail service allow five to six square feet per person. Contact us for all your specific questions and more information on tent types.

  • Q: Can you print our logos on tent?

    A: Yes.Customized logos can be print on the tent fabric according to your requirements.

  • Q: Is that factory price?

    A: Yes.We assure you all prices are based on factory.

  • Q: Does your tent be able to install repeatedly?

    A: Our tents can be assembled and dismantled and repeatedly with small transportation size.

  • Q: What documents are available?

    A: A full range documents including structural drawings,packing list,installation manual can be provided.Moreover,customs declaration is provided.We provide one-stop service for you.

  • Q: Has your tent product been certified?

    A: Yes. Our tent product has passed the engineering tests. Besides, the PVC fabric used for roof covers and sidewalls has passed the fire tests and the flame retardant test base on the standard of German.

  • Q: How long is the warranty period?

    A: Guarantee one year. During the warranty period, we shall repair or replace the damaged part accordingly.

Large peach frame sports field
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  In recent years, DC tent company provided sport event tents for the large domestic sport activities. For 2016 Guangdong Open Sport, following the 2015 Guangdong Open Sport, DC Tent company became its marquee tent supplier of the largest local sport event. With 20 years experience in sport event tents manufacturing, DC Tent company provides marquee tents as hospitality catering, security check, VIP  client reception and other functions. DC Sport Event Tents have many specifications and sizes, including 40m width big tents, transparent PVC marquee and 3m / 4m / 6m span small tent etc. 

  Except providing sport event marquees for Guangdong Open Sport, DC Tent also can offer full range of accessories such as glass wall, hard ABS wall and roof ceiling. DC Tent company is the one stop shop for outdoor activities sport event tents solutions.

Case Specifications:

20m x 55m peach roof tent

Clear PVC fabric

Curved roof tent for indoor sport event

Curved roof tent for indoor sport event

Sport game indoor tent with curved roof design

Curved roof tent for indoor sport event

DC Sport Event Tents

Curved roof tent for indoor sport event

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