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Double Decker

A double decker tent combines the convenience of a tent with the comfort of a double decker building. It is made of high-strength materials: the outer layer is usually made of PVC fabric and aluminum frames with excellent waterproof performance to ensure a stable accommodation environment under various weather conditions, while the inner layer is made of soundproof and thermal insulation materials, and equipped with necessary ventilation facilities to ensure the comfort and safety of the internal space.

The double-layer design provides more capacity for the dormitory canopy within a limited space. The upper and lower floors can be connected by stairs or ramps, making it convenient for residents to pass up and down. Each layer can be flexibly laid out according to needs to meet different needs.

The advantage of double decker is its ability to quickly build and dismantle it. It can be built in a short period of time and can be dismantled and relocated as needed, making it very suitable for large-scale events and temporary accommodation needs. In addition, this kind of tent also has the characteristics of being reusable and energy-saving, making it an economical and environmentally friendly solution.