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Transparent party tent

As China's leading manufacturer of transparent wedding party tents, duocai tents specialize in transparent tents of various sizes and shapes to support any wedding occasion. Tent standerd clear span 10/15/20/25/30/40/45/50/60 m. By reducing or increasing the distance of 3 / 5m, the length can be infinite. The standard height is 2.70m / 4.00m and the custom height is 6.00m. Compared with the traditional pillar tents, transparent wedding tents in the chairs, tables, stage and other accessories placed more flexible. Taking into account the different weather conditions in each place, the colorful decision to choose high-quality materials. Frame with hard aluminum (light weight, durable, high hardness). International standard waterproof PVC fabric [complies with (DIN 4102, B1, M2) anti-UV, flame retardant and complies with US standards (NFPA 701)]. Our transparent wedding tent winds up to 120 km / h. With a professional modular structure, the roof system offers a variety of pleasing design options: classic "A" frames, curved roofs, peak tops, flat roof systems, and even modular combinations. Wedding tents feature a removable, durable, easy to disassemble and extensive use, to create a safe and secure wedding venue for you. For receptions, banquets and ceremonies. In addition, the decoration of the wedding tent, colorful luxury lined with curtains, carpets, wood flooring, lighting and other necessary accessories, and other full set of accessories.