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Arcum Tents

Arcum Tent | Arc Top Tent The colorful curved roof arch tent is one of the most powerful and well-designed tents on the market. Compared with the classic "A" tents, the sleek design of the Arcum tents is better on the rainy day. The standard span of the dome tent ranges from 10m to 60m, the specific size can be customized, and the length can be unlimited. In this case, you will get a flexible tent experience space. Arcum Tents are popular for their wide range of applications. You can use dome tents in any industry, such as luxury weddings, business tents, temporary warehouse buildings, sports and leisure tents, swimming pool covers, and more. In order to install the tent in any place, colorful tents provide different solutions and fixing kits. If you want to hold a wedding ceremony in the grass, the ground must be fixed with steel. On the concrete floor, expansion bolts will break the hard ground and strongly fix the tent. For marble floors or other surfaces that you do not want to break, the carrier plate can be stable and secure.