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Large Tents

Large tent

If you are looking for a moveable temporary venue, the colorful large tent will be the ideal solution for any use, including branding, conferencing, promotions, pop-up stores, product launches, exhibitions, religious events and more. Activities tent with a significant span design, in the booth, podium, chairs, tables and other accessories planning activities more flexible.


Thanks to the modular architecture of the building system, colorful event tents offer you a wide range of options of different sizes, different shapes and other configuration options. Span size optional 3-60 meters (hot: 10 meters / 20 meters / 25 meters / 30 meters). The length can be unlimited by reducing or increasing the length to 3 meters or 5 meters (about 10 'or 16'). To create unique venues, COLORS offers our customers different styles: "A "Frame structure, TFS structure, peak big tent, spherical dome structure, double, or even a combination of tents.


As China's leading tents manufacturer, colorful determined to provide customers with high-quality large tents, and strict quality inspection. The main material of our frame is hard-pressed aluminum alloy, waterproof PVC fabric meets the European standards DIN4102, B1, M2 and the United States NFPA 701 standards. In order not to be affected by the weather, our activity tents are outstanding when it rains, windy and snowy.