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Aluminum Louvered Gazebo - Allowing Poetry to Bloom in the Courtyard

May. 03, 2024

When the first ray of sunlight falls into the courtyard, the aluminum alloy surface reflects a warm golden color.

The aroma of coffee or hot tea wafted in the air, and the dim words on the books gradually became clear.

You lean against the back of the wicker chair and watch the sun rise.


The scorching heat of the afternoon reminds one of Apollo's divine power - the endless rain of arrows, so harsh and ruthless.

However, a shield made up of metal blades can protect you from harm, while a PVC curtain blocks out magical attacks called ultraviolet rays.


The halo reluctantly sank to the horizon, and the orange hue, burning like ashes, dimmed, your guardian silently declared victory.

Then night fell quietly, and the pure Artemis climbed up the treetop.

The silver white tenderness dripped from the opening gap of the leaves, converging into a vast ocean.

A gazebo! Standing tall in the courtyard.

It’s body is a suit of armor made of aluminum alloy, which is not easy to rust and will not corrode.

No matter the seasons change, rain, snow, or hail, it will always be your most loyal and reliable guardian.


Sitting by the stove, listening to the howling wind, listening to the plants shivering in the beating of the rainstorm.

The bright and warm LED light makes you feel safe and comfortable, with family and friends by your side, enjoying this moment of tranquility together.


Until the rain cleared, you climbed the ladder, gently swept away the accumulated water on the roof.

And picked up a few flowers, dried them, and sandwiched them between the pages of the book.

The sound of birds singing in the distance was the joy of surviving a disaster.


My friend, why are you still hesitating?

Come to Duocai and choose your own gazebo!