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The perfect music tent for your company clients must be with good preparation. For now, people always schedule their music festival

Music festival tent in UK community


The perfect Music Tent for your company clients must be with good preparation. For now, people always schedule their music festival, because it hardly to book hotel and the higher cost of booking hotel, why not choose a reception marquee tent to your company clients?

DC Tent has two decades experiences in tent producing field. We can organize festival in different style with our music festival tent. Whether the quantity of guests,  wherever do you want to hold your wedding, such as beach, hotel,or your own backyard, we always can work out your customized tent solution . Surely, you also can bring your special ideas , then we can offer you a unique music festival tent.

Case Specifications:

25m width music festival tent

With full PVC cover

Music reception in the tent

Reception in the tent

borshems reception tent

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