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Our versatile products, smart designs, high-quality materials and personalized service make us the ideal partner for every buyer or consumer.


Our tent products are extruded from 6061 aluminum alloy aluminum rods. The fabric is made of PVC cloth, which is flame retardant and 100% waterproof. The surface of the iron parts is hot-dip galvanized. The entire tent is high-end, high-quality, cost-effective, and in line with European and American standards. quality standards;


The rectractable sunshade awning is made of 6063 aluminum alloy aluminum rod extrusion. The material is thickened and made of domestic polyester cloth and imported Spanish acrylic cloth. The motors are domestic Dooya and AOK. French Somfy motors are also available. LEDs can also be selected. light strip

Awnings include open awnings, fully boxed awnings, weatherboard awnings, mid-range and high-end awnings, all of which can meet customer needs.


Aluminum alloy Louver Pergola, this is a new hot-selling product with a wide range of application scenarios and high-end fashion. It can meet the needs of various scenes, such as gardens, courtyards, swimming pools, outdoors, parks, balconies, etc.