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This article is written about a temporary tent in a place. China DC Tent Company made temporary tent, in line with the modern trend, by virtue of quality, beautiful, high-quality service, has become a more friendly domestic and foreign enterprises.

the makeshift tents of china


DC Editor on the domestic tent market regularly inspected, after a certain section of the road, inadvertently found the DC tent company's products, sturdy temporary tent.

When the editor saw the beautiful tent, excitedly approached to take a few beautiful pictures, and visited the structure of the tent inside, the review was summarized:

The structure at the bottom of the tent is hot-dip galvanized steel, which is used by most suppliers of high-quality materials, the advantages are strong and durable, good hardness. Made a firm cushion for the whole tent.

The tent frame structure is made of rugged aluminum alloy, which has the advantage of being rugged and resistant to corrosion when it rains.On the other hand can be installed in the tent frame heating or air conditioning, so that indoor summer is not hot, winter is not cold.

The facade and walls of the tent are constructed of high-strength tempered glass, which provides a solid and solid temporary body for the tent. The transparent glass wall can see the interior of the tent building from the outside, and the neat office equipment layout, whatever point to see the tent building is very beautiful.

The top of the tent with high-quality imported PVC, this PVC material, if not with a knife cut generally when in the establishment of tents without cause damage, its role to prevent sun exposure, shelter wind and rain.

DC Tent Company in the domestic development has been more than 20 years, mature experience for domestic and foreign customers to create different styles of modern tent, tents can be repeatedly used in different locations, want to buy cheap and hight quality tent, DC tent will be your ideal choice.

the makeshift tents of china

the makeshift tents of china

the makeshift tents of china

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