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Wholesale Pergola Bioclimat Aluminum Awning Pergola Aluminium Outdoor Waterproof

May. 04, 2024

In the blazing summer, are you eager to find a piece of cool place of your own? "Duocai manual louvered pergola" for you to create an exclusive summer paradise. Gently pull, block the hot sun, let the cool with you.

1、A perfect blend of fashion and practicality

2、Easy Installation

3、Durable Material, Quality Assurance

In addition, manual has the following unique benefits:

1、Can effectively control the entry of light. In the afternoon when the sun is strong, by adjusting the angle of the pergola, you can reduce the direct sunlight to avoid too bright and harsh indoor. And in the early morning or evening, you can adjust the angle to let the soft light spill in, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere;

2、Adjust the ventilation. By adjusting the angle of the pergola, you can increase air circulation, so that the breeze through the pergola, to bring a hint of coolness indoors. And in the colder seasons, the angle can be adjusted to reduce ventilation and keep the interior warm.

3、Characterized by energy saving and environmental protection. Manual adjustment does not need to consume electricity, which not only saves energy, but also conforms to the concept of green living.

If you like "Duocai manual louvered pergola", please contact us as soon as possible!