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Curved Tent, a good partner in sports events

May. 10, 2024

You may be curious about this shape, an inverted peach heart? What is the difference between it and a regular Herringbone tent? In fact, Curved tent not only has a unique design, but also has unexpected functions.

The structure of the curved tent is a high-strength aluminum alloy frame, connected by steel components, without any pillars in the middle, and the space can be fully utilized;

The tarpaulin uses imported double-layer PVC coating, high-frequency welding, which can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, fire, rain, and wind;

The base is fixed, and the mechanical property is super strong. There is no need to worry about storms and earthquakes;

The modular combination method is used, and the assembly and disassembly are simple. It allows the size to be customized according to customer needs;

The site selection is free and can be built in different environments. There is no special need for the construction site. Generally, flat ground such as grass, sand, cement, marble, etc. can be used.

When people are tired of looking at the herringbone shaped tent, the appearance of the curved tent is undoubtedly eye-catching. It has a stylish and elegant appearance, with a larger tilt at the top that facilitates the flow of rainwater and prevents water accumulation.

Curved tents are commonly used in various large-scale commercial activities and can also serve as venues for sports events. The unique design gives it a sense of diversity, youthfulness, and vitality, which is in line with the trend and therefore popular among young people. Here, the contestants sweat and compete for glory, presenting a thriving scene.

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