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More Effective Utilization of Site Space - Double Decker Tent

May. 18, 2024

Double decker, as a multifunctional temporary building, are increasingly being used in modern society. In various outdoor activities, double decker tents provide participants with a place to shade from the sun and rain, ensuring the smooth progress of the activities.

When you want to hold an outdoor event that requires a large area of space, but the actual venue area is insufficient, you can consider a double decker tent. The area of the upper and lower floors of a double decker tent is roughly equal, which means that the available activity area has doubled, and there is no central pillar inside, which can achieve a space utilization rate of 200%. In addition, aluminum alloy profiles used to build double decker tents are of higher specifications than regular tents, and corresponding reinforcement measures have been added. Even in double decker high spaces without central pillar support, safety and stability can still be ensured, creating larger activity spaces in limited spaces.

In exhibitions and events, the double decker tent serves as a display area, with its sturdy structure and flexible layout, meeting the needs of different exhibitors. Double decker tents are also commonly used in sports events, which can accommodate more spectators while ensuring a good view. The difference in location between the upper and lower floors can also bring a different visual experience. In addition, double decker tents are widely used in storage, logistics and other fields, and their fast construction and dismantling characteristics greatly save time and labor costs.

In short, double decker tents have become an indispensable part of modern society due to their superior performance and wide range of applications.