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DC tent introduction

Dec. 28, 2019

Here, I suggest you take a look at the DC tent and have been working on various tent manufacturing and rental services for many years.

The DC tent introduces European advanced tent technology and implements international safety standards. It is one of the earliest companies specializing in the design, manufacture, leasing, sales and service of tents in China. Since the establishment of the company, we have continuously optimized, determined to innovate, have the quality of imported products and the domestic price. The company has advanced production line equipment, good quality staff and perfect management system, which has built the company's powerful marketing and production. The technology and the tent building team have reasonable product structure, unique craftsmanship, complete specifications and quality assurance.

Our tents are widely used in: high-level professional exhibitions and fairs, unique theme festivals (such as beer festivals, agricultural exhibitions, etc.), large-scale luxury conferences and banquets, large-scale performances and performances, outdoor temporary exhibition halls, world or regional Games and competitions, press conferences, road shows, fashion shows, reception information desks, VIP lounges, dining areas, flexible product promotion and promotion activities, theme seminars, groundbreaking ceremony, outdoor activities, company celebrations, short-term warehouses, New mobile high-quality tents such as luxury weddings have won wide acclaim and trust from users.

The DC tent main frame is made of high-strength special aluminum alloy structure, which is light in weight and does not rust. The joint is made of international welding technology steel structure, the adjustable base can make up for the unevenness of the site, and the tent is made of double-layer PVC synthetic fiber tarpaulin. The tarpaulin has good performance of no stretching, anti-ultraviolet radiation, opaque, rainproof, fireproof level up to national standards, high frequency welding technology, and the wind resistance of the tent reaches 80-100 km/h.