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What are the criteria for a good tent?

Feb. 26, 2020

What are the criteria for a good tent?

General good tents always say a few keywords on product safety data: hot-dip galvanizing, flame retardancy, and wind resistance. But specifically what impact do these three standards have on the safety performance of outdoor tents? Then the hot-dip galvanizing begins:

Usually the thickness of the galvanized layer is only 5 ~ 15μm, while the hot-dip galvanized layer is generally above 35μm, even as high as 200μm. In addition, zinc's resistance to atmospheric corrosion includes mechanical protection and electrochemical protection. Its oxide can form a dense oxide film on the surface, so that air cannot penetrate into the steel substrate. If the surface layer is scratched, it can A new film layer is formed immediately. Even if the damage endangers the steel matrix, there will be electrochemical protection, zinc is more active than iron, so it is consumed as an anode in a zinc iron microbattery, and the steel matrix as a cathode is not damaged.

Flame retardant rate

The flame retardant standard of the DC tent tarpaulin has reached the German DIN4102-1 B1 / M2 level. Specifically, it adopts the Brandschacht method, adopts vertical array firing, the ignition source is a ring torch, and the test time is 10 minutes. The standard of class B1 is that the average remaining length is not less than 150mm, the remaining length of any sample cannot be 0; the average flue gas temperature does not exceed 220 ° C; there are no other accidents.