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During winter in the snow ramp below used tents

Oct. 05, 2018

Let's Plan your work and work on your Plan. draw the first ski skating rink, explain the ramp and other obstacles and make sure you cover any sharp edges.Skating rink in order to avoid the effect of winter snow,DC Tent Company has a series of solutions.

In the snow and ice field,Many large aluminum house is used to build a skating rink. The DC tent company recommends the use of A-shape tents.why do you choose this tent?Large aluminium tent used for snowfield during winter

1.The tent span is large enough. This will make the overall size of the ice rink bigger, and even set up a simple tent restaurant.

2.The structure is firm. This will allow the tent to be equipped with heating systems, lighting, and other power-consuming equipment.

3.Triangle tent. This has the advantage of allowing the snow to slide down quickly to prevent snow from filling the top and crushing the tent.

I hope you can choose a DC tent and experience its ruggedness.

Skating and ice rink venues

in the ice rink venues

outside the ice rink venues