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The design of DC Moduling festival tent is the flexible outdoor tent structure, it has small span and big span, the width from 3 meters to 60 meters, and increase or decrease every 3 meters or 5 meters per bay.

Outdoor marquee for festival hall and event venue


The design of DC Moduling Festival Tent is the flexible outdoor tent structure, it has small span and big span, the width from 3 meters to 60 meters, and increase or decrease every 3 meters or 5 meters per bay. Due to the feature of DC festival tent, the modular reception tent is the best choice for event venue organizers some times need to build large tents with the span of more than 30m, but sometimes need to build small tent with the span of 10m and 20m.

What is more, the moduling festival tent can provide a variety of designs, we also provide many different option of accessories. There are many different roof design in appearance, the A flame roof, polygon, curved, gable and so on. It is sure that in the near future, a great number of events will use moduling festival tent.

Case Specifications:

Festival tent structure

White Roof lining

Conventional tent

Attractions tent

Holiday tent

ice museum tent

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