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Regardless of the country, when the outdoor food festival comes, you need to prepare food, venues, cooks, All kinds of tools in advance, and a very important thing to remember, is the Tent.

Temporary tents & the Red Cow Food Festival


In a foreign country held the Red Bull food festival, the scene of the majority of stalls are selected temporary tents, Edit to the scene after some understanding, the use of tent merchants, their common view is this:

1. cost-effective, One penny, one cent of GOODS. The DC tent guarantees the quality of the product and ensures that the price of the product is not too high.

2. Fully in line with the Customer's place of use, before the advent of the Red Bull food festival, The tent needs to be prepared by the local food trafficker organizers in advance, the DC tent in the food festival to cover the sun, rain, can also install air-conditioning system and other Functions.

3.DC Tent has always been a solid structure, popular prices, attracting a lot of food festival Merchants.

A few days of Red Bull Food Festival is coming to an end.These makeshift tents will also be easily disassembled and preserved by the Food festival merchant for the next festive event.

temporary tents for construction

Preparation for the Red Cow Food Festival with the DC tent

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