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"Hajj" is one of the basic systems that Islam has to abide by believers. Every adult with economic strength and physical strength has a religious obligation to worship in Mecca. All Muslims, men and women, will do their utmost to learn for a moment at least once in pilgrimage. In the future, "the pilgrimage" needs to prepare tents in advance.

Preparation for the 2018 pilgrimage party


The meeting time of the Islamic pilgrimage is getting closer and closer, and before the pilgrimage meeting, the host needs to build a temporary tent both durable and can be cycle use.

What is sturdy and durable? Rugged and reliable is the material used in the structure of the tent is of good quality.

When the tent is built, the hot-dip galvanized steel plate is used as a foot pad to ensure that the tent is firmly in contact with the ground, laying a solid foundation for the tent and ensuring that the built aluminum house is not affected by the crazy storm. The tent body structure uses a high-hardness aluminum alloy as a frame to support the entire tent's fa?ade, making the entire tent very strong and reliable after it is built. The reason why our company chooses aluminum alloy as the frame is: aluminum alloy has the advantage of corrosion resistance, lightweight frame, flexible operation during installation, and the raw material price is moderate and durable.

What is cycle use? It can be cycle use and reused. It is used once after the product combination. It can be used many times in the future after disassembly.

Quality reliable  pilgrimage tents: hot-dip galvanized steel floor mats at the bottom, transparent tempered glass doors on the front, ABS fire-retardant back panels on the back, all aluminum frames and top PVC covers all can cycle use.

The future market will be based on quality, a high-quality exchange meeting tent that can be cycle use many times, which is very suitable for the pilgrimage of Islam.

Hajj tent front

Hajj tent behind

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